Marlisa Christ

Personal background
I’m passionate about people – both in my private as well as in my professional life. I initially made my client’s eyes light up at inspirational events. Since 2014, I’ve been expanding the change spectrum and have been advising organisations on how to effectively transform themselves – with a structured approach which enables the people in the organisations to live the change.






Added value for the customer
Change requires a structured approach with strong leadership, the right instincts and innovative ideas – that’s exactly what I offer. I seize the moment in order to make it individually tailored for the client within the framework of their vision. During the process, I think beyond the horizon and utilise interdisciplinary contexts.

My motivation
People shape tomorrow’s organisations and only those who can take them on an interestingly-designed change journey can guarantee sustainable transformation success. This is exactly what I would like to create for my clients – effective change with passion.