Change & Transformation Management


Success through the transformation

Is your company facing major changes? Or are you right in the middle of one? Do you want to make sure that your best employees stay on board, that everyone has a common vision and can understand and support the necessary steps?

Customised transformation approaches and effective communication are among the crucial success factors in any change process. We can support you along the way and provide you with the necessary know-how and resources. Together, we can structure and define processes and get you where you want to go.

Change Design and Strategy

Why exactly this change now? What is expected of me as a manager and employee? What does the target look like? And how will the change benefit me? Strong images with clear, honest, and understandable answers to all these questions are crucial for the success of your change process. We help you develop a narrative and content strategy, identify the needs of your employees, and help you get through the various phases of the change.

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Change Campaigns and Formats

Do you have an eye on all target groups in your change process and know their needs and expectations? We help you develop customised campaigns and formats for your change process. We will show you how your employees and managers can become supporters and significant change contributors.

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Communicative Accompaniment

You would like to have operational support on a day-to-day basis but lack the capacities to design change communication? Then use our knowledge and experience to manage this task. Texts, images, graphics, videos, podcasts – we produce your content for the right visual language, tonality, and message.

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Are you wondering whether the organisation and your employees are sufficiently empowered to make the most of the change? We help you understand different personality types and attitudes and explain the emotional phases people go through during change. We empower your organisation and employees to change – this can be done through target group-specific communication kits, or through workshops and trainings.

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Change Agent-Network

Would you like to make internal multipliers fit for change? We help train colleagues to be change agents and thus create an active network in your company. Due to the proximity of the change agents to different teams and company divisions, they develop into persons of trust who can quickly recognise and pick up on change dynamics. This ensures that the effectiveness of the multipliers goes far beyond target group-specific information.

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Stakeholder Management

Are you wondering who you should involve in your change process and when? We assist you in defining the stakeholders that are to be involved, draw up a roadmap and, if desired, also the necessary documents for all phases of the change process.

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Are you looking for a partner who can accompany you through all the phases of your transformation? Our experts can develop the appropriate strategic approach with you, set up the project with you, work out the project processes. This will create the framework for a change that is tailored to you. We are at your side throughout the entire process and support you in successfully shaping your transformation.

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