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Our experience for your day-to-day communications and corporate change processes

We handle your challenges with experience, creativity, knowledge and a lot of energy. Internal communications and change processes are what we do on a daily basis.

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Our experience for your day-to-day communication

We focus on what we do best: strategically planning internal communication measures and their creative implementation in everyday situations as well as change processes. Online as well as offline.

Our customers appreciate our hands-on commitment, our knowledge and, last but not least, our team’s wealth of experience in the areas of strategy, creative conception, project management, copywriting, editing, translation, proofreading and design.

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Corinna Kielwein, Cooperation Partner

Personal background
As a graduate psychologist with a focus on industrial and organisational psychology, I have worked both in human resources and in corporate communications. I have many years of experience on the corporate side and as a consultant, both in Germany and internationally. In addition to my practical experience, I completed the “Advanced HR Management” degree programme at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) while working. I am a certified systemic organisational consultant (WIBK) and a certified change manager (Prosci®).




Added value for the customer
I approach my clients’ change processes with sensitivity and initiate a joint learning process through dialogue. In doing so, I keep an eye on the different needs of employees and managers as well as the organisation as a whole. With the aim of activating and anchoring change, I accompany my clients in a solution-oriented and holistic way. I look both in depth and ahead, with the conviction that there is always a suitable solution.

My motivation
Through my many personal experiences in private and professional contexts, I was able to learn how to master change well. I would like to convey and pass on this trust in my own change abilities to my clients. In doing so, I seek for my clients that all those involved can follow the path of change consistently, but at the same time with less heaviness – in a more light-footed way. I am convinced that change communication which is thought through at an early stage can build the critical bridges here.

Corinna Kielwein

Ellen Hallenberger

Personal background
Through my activities as division manager for visualisation training, assistant to the management and business manager, I have come to know that projects with tangible added value are the best reward for good teamwork. The role of consultant allows me to work as an interface and contact person on projects that have an impact in all areas of the company and to contribute my knowledge of business psychology in a holistic way.

Added value for the customer
Imagine employees who use their own skills and strengths to add value to your internal development as well as to your external communication. Who identify themselves with your projects, carry their responsibilities with self-confidence, constantly develop themselves further and thus actively help to shape your common direction. As a consultant, I contribute to the smooth realisation of your project, so that you are able to concentrate on your business development with the best possible support.

My motivation
What is special about my work: As a graduated business psychologist, I enjoy applying my theoretical knowledge in practice and facing new challenges. I do this with creativity and the ambition to create value for everyone involved. That is why I put special emphasis on providing a space for ideas and change, in which the tried and tested provides a solid foundation for new directions.
At MPC, I have found the space to constantly develop as part of a large, closely collaborating team of experts. This gives new ideas space, but also the necessary security to assert themselves in reality.






Ellen Hallenberger