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Our experience for your day-to-day communications and corporate change processes

We handle your challenges with experience, creativity, knowledge and a lot of energy. Internal communications and change processes are what we do on a daily basis.

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Our experience for your day-to-day communication

We focus on what we do best: strategically planning internal communication measures and their creative implementation in everyday situations as well as change processes. Online as well as offline.

Our customers appreciate our hands-on commitment, our knowledge and, last but not least, our team’s wealth of experience in the areas of strategy, creative conception, project management, copywriting, editing, translation, proofreading and design.

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Senior Consultant

Personal Background
I bring about 10 years of consulting and management experience from my time working in the family business. With a master’s degree in political science, I started my professional career working as a consultant for companies, associations and ministries in the political centre of Berlin. I gained extensive international project experience working at the financial centre in Frankfurt. In my family’s company, I assisted in the modernisation and early-generation succession as well as supported the company with corona crisis management. I’ve been working as a freelance communication consultant since the beginning of 2021.






Added value for the customer
I am familiar with many different worlds: consultation and entrepreneurship, political and capital markets, strategy and day-to-day operations. I consider complex situations from different perspectives and combine this with an entrepreneurial mindset, implementation strength and a hands-on mentality. My expertise lies in the areas of change, crisis, and strategic communication. With additional experience in capital-market communication, I believe communication is consistently integrated.

My motivation
Good communication takes strategy and goals into account as well as the people who shape and mould the organisation on a daily basis. Corporate actions have to be explained so that they are comprehensible and gain acceptance. Conversely, people who ask questions and listen win! Changing perspectives enables different points of views, creates understanding, strengthens cooperation and, in the best-case scenario, inspires innovation. I support companies and organisations in leveraging this communication potential.

Ricarda Kiehne

Senior Consultant

Management Assistant

Personal background
Since my work as a division manager for visualization training, I have come to know that dealing with customers, but especially teamwork, gives me great pleasure. My function as an interface and contact person enables me to work in all areas of the company while applying my knowledge of business psychology. At MPC, this knowledge has fallen on fertile ground, so I can support our Managing Director Andrea in her day-to-day work as a professional pioneer and give room to cooperation and partnership at MPC.

Added value for the customer
Imagine employees who use their potential and strengths to add value to your internal development as well as to your external communication. Who identify themselves with your projects, carry their responsibility with self-confidence, constantly develop themselves further and thus actively help to shape your common development. As an assistant to the management, I contribute to the smooth implementation of your project, so you are able to concentrate on your business development with the best possible support.

My motivation
What is special about my work: As a graduated business psychologist, I enjoy testing my theoretical knowledge in practice and facing new challenges. I do this with creativity and the ambition to create a value for everyone involved. That’s why I put special emphasis on providing a space for ideas and change, in which tried and tested concepts offer a solid foundation for new directions. At MPC, I have found the perfect place to constantly develop as part of a large team of experts working closely together. This gives new ideas room, but also the security to be updated in the field.






Ellen Hallenberger

Management Assistant

Jenny Harder

Head of HR