Maria Gartz

Personal background
As I laterally changed careers into the start-up scene, I gained experience setting up and developing internal communications from a blank slate. My tools of the trade have grown to include growth-support, knowledge management, cultural transformation and organizational development. As a graduate in neuro and cognitive science and a trained vocal coach, my approach is empowering. My portfolio of methods is shaped by science and my curiosity is boundless.




Added value for the customer
My experience working in multinational, highly-dynamic growth environments has made me a perceptive, thoughtful and humorous pragmatist. In addition to having the courage to call a spade a spade and tackle necessary changes, I am also emphatic and have the listening skills necessary to ensure that any measure taken is always suitable for the target group.

My motivation
I’m interested in people: how they think and feel, how they make decisions, and what helps them grow. Learning more and more about this, and then using this knowledge to help other people and organizations – that makes me happy.