Kristin Aufenvenne

Personal Background
I am a communicator through and through.
Even before my studies, I was able to gain a foothold in this industry during my training as a marketing communications specialist and my work as a media consultant in the field of employer branding. I’m currently in my fifth semester of a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Management at Lingen Campus. During my studies, I am a board member at the student initiative “KommunikOS”. All of this allows me to no longer miss out on current trends in the communications industry and to train my communication muscles every day.




Added value for the customer
Thanks to the practical experience I have gained during my studies, I am able to combine scientific knowledge with practical experience in the best way possible. Due to my empathetic, open and communicative manner, I always keep the target group in mind.

My motivation
I’m inspired by communication in all its facets. I’m motivated not only from working together as a team, but also by knowing that sustainable and diverse changes are possible using communication strategies.