Juliane Schmidt, Cooperation Partner

Personal background
Studied German, psychology and education. Now has over 11 years of experience working in communication departments with clients such as Deutsche Bahn, Popsugar/Shopstyle, Vattenfall and Isuzu. Cofounder of the freelance association “Creatives Berlin”.

Added value for the customer
My generalist approach, passion and creativity characterize my work. Due to extensive experience with clients, I can quickly adapt to my customer’s needs. I like to create a cohesion which lasts and is strengthened during both good and difficult times – to create something new together.

My motivation
My mission is to bring people together and establish communication channels. I’m motivated to point out the limitations and advantages of these channels and how to sensibly make use of them. Employees who can identify with the company can also fully support it. The goal is the common path of preparing and creating a space in which the employees feel valued and comfortable.