Dr. Tina Bieth, Cooperation Partner

Personal background
As Head of Internal Communications at McKesson Europe, change facilitator and strategic communications consultant, I recently supported the company in major transformations such as the sale of the company, restructuring processes and Covid-19. Previously, I was a consultant in the field of internal communications and change management, so I know the needs and perspectives of both sides very well.




Added value for the customer
As a PhD gratuated communications scientist, I take a holistic approach to issues, hold all the threads in my hand even with complex topics and never lose sight of the employees. As a winemaker’s daughter, I am a creative doer and problem solver – efficient, structured and empathetic, with both feet firmly on the ground.

My motivation
I am motivated by the employees at the center of the transformation (or internal communications in general). I want to help create the best possible settings for them and motivate them. I love analyzing and solving problems and creating real added value for my clients.