Corinna Kielwein, Cooperation Partner

Personal background
As a graduate psychologist with a focus on industrial and organisational psychology, I have worked both in human resources and in corporate communications. I have many years of experience on the corporate side and as a consultant, both in Germany and internationally. In addition to my practical experience, I completed the “Advanced HR Management” degree programme at the University of St. Gallen (Switzerland) while working. I am a certified systemic organisational consultant (WIBK) and a certified change manager (Prosci®).




Added value for the customer
I approach my clients’ change processes with sensitivity and initiate a joint learning process through dialogue. In doing so, I keep an eye on the different needs of employees and managers as well as the organisation as a whole. With the aim of activating and anchoring change, I accompany my clients in a solution-oriented and holistic way. I look both in depth and ahead, with the conviction that there is always a suitable solution.

My motivation
Through my many personal experiences in private and professional contexts, I was able to learn how to master change well. I would like to convey and pass on this trust in my own change abilities to my clients. In doing so, I seek for my clients that all those involved can follow the path of change consistently, but at the same time with less heaviness – in a more light-footed way. I am convinced that change communication which is thought through at an early stage can build the critical bridges here.