Beate Koeppe, Cooperation Partner

Personal background
I’ve been a freelance organizational consultant and coach since 2009. I have many years of management experience in the areas of personnel and organizational development. This includes working in an international corporate environment, training in systemic-process consulting and organizational set-up. I’m also a certified business coach and a fully-qualified lawyer. My skills lie in the areas of change management, organizational and team development as well as management coaching.

Added value for the customer
For the last two years, I’ve been successfully supporting organizational and individual changes – and people are always the focus of my work. Using my expertise, I help to solve complex challenges, establish orientation, devise change processes and bring people together.

My motivation
“Move people, shape changes” is my incentive and passion. I’m motivated when I can offer people or organizational units an orientation during their change processes or make an image of the future “tangible” so that they desire to more towards it.