Anton Fedder

Personal Background
After studying journalism and corporate communications and training as a media designer, I quickly realised that the interface between technological innovation and effective communication was my professional field. Since joining MontuaPartner Communications, I have had the opportunity to design and optimise communication and transformation processes on a daily basis.





Added value for the customer
I am your partner when it comes to integrating the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, into your communication strategies. This modern approach makes it possible to effectively support change processes and future-proof your company’s communications. My work is characterised by healthy pragmatism, a clear view of the objective and efficient collaboration at eye level.

My motivation
I am passionate about communication that connects. Facts with emotions on the one hand, and people with people on the other. For me, connecting communication is at the heart of any change. I see helping companies to inspire and motivate their teams through clear and innovative strategies as my daily challenge and motivation. I see AI as a catalyst for connecting communication – provided it is used effectively.