Milena Neumann

Personal Background
After having completed my interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in international management, I gained practical insights into various consulting areas. I was particularly enthusiastic about the topics of corporate culture and transformation. Thus, I am now continuing my journey at MPC to gain new knowledge, deepen my interest and broaden my view of myself and the world around me.



Added value for the customer
I have always consciously tackled new situations, places and people and have already been able to see and learn a lot. These experiences, as well as my enthusiasm for anything new, accompany me every day and also effect my environment. I’m also defined by my listening and empathy skills in connection with a view of the big picture.

My motivation
I believe that it is individual people together with their organisations and performance which shape our society. Changes that are truly effective and sustainable should therefore come from the individual. The personal exchange, the complexity of different characters in a system and the possibility to effect change inspire and drive me.