Jenny Harder, Cooperation Partner

Personal background
I’m a retail clerk and trainer. I have years of experience working as a manager and in the HR department in an international retail group, structuring the HR dept. in a newly founded restaurant chain, and as a self-employed personal consultant and recruiter. My career path gave me the opportunity early on to observe the various areas of personnel management and personnel development from different perspectives, and to experience and develop them in all their facets.






Added value for the customer
I’m able to help companies effectively develop with strength and passion due to my strategic thought processes, my communication skills, the highest level of consulting competence and my inspiring moderation skills. Satisfied, motivated employees and a good corporate culture are essential components for the long-term success of a company.

My motivation
“It’s all about communication” in everything we do. Having interest is a strong stimulus which can bring about a lot of good. Therefore, I focus my interest on communication and trust my intuition. My curiosity to learn new things combined with my enthusiasm to work with people and move forward together drive me. “It’s all about people”- people work for people – that’s my conviction. Getting the “right people” on board, accompanying them through the integration, and then challenging and encouraging them is an important mission for me.