Junior Consultant

Personal background
I have a bachelor’s degree in social science and a master’s degree in sociology. After my studies, I started my practical training in a global trade and service group and focused on the areas of economic policy and communication/corporate communications and e-commerce. I was also involved with the cultural-change team and thus bring along in-depth experience and knowledge of change processes. At MPC, I support clients with communication and change processes.



Added value for the customer
Communication is my passion. I like to push processes forward and strengthen them sustainably. While doing so, I always keep the big picture in mind, pull loose ends together and try to create new perspectives. My focus is always on people and how they handle change.

My motivation
Companies are sitting on a lot of potential. I would like to help them release synergies, optimize processes and, especially, to create an enriching and meaningful working environment for all their employees. I’m motivated when we overcome hurdles together and successfully establish new structures.