Mental Health

Healthy employees and mindful managers in everyday digital work life

When you say that you are healthy – do you also mean your mental health? We still have a tendency to neglect our psychological well-being, exposing ourselves to stressful situations which we can no longer easily handle on our own. Many people no longer feel as if they are up to the challenges of daily life. Uncertainty, change, volatility, digital isolation, and overload at work or in the home office are the main assailants on our mental health. The mental illness statistics are exploding – as are the resulting costs.

The good news is that many companies have recognised the relevance of their employee’s and manager’s mental health for a long time and have thus anchored it in their corporate goals. Health management is not a luxury, but an urgently needed standard. The goal is to create the necessary conditions to make it possible to work in a committed and motivated manner, as well as to identify and eliminate stressors. We advise and support you at all necessary levels in order to anchor mental health in your company. We have expertise, experience, and the suitable formats – contact us.

Psyche Risk Assessment

Do you view the risk assessment of psychological stress not only as a corporate obligation, but also as an obligation towards your employees? Then you would like to identify and eliminate the causes of mental stress as much as possible, i.e., all unnecessary stressors. We can support you with our experience, proven methods, and assessment instruments. Together, we’ll find the right measures for your company to support the mental health of all your employees over the long term.

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Mental Health First Aider

More and more German companies are following a trend which has long been standard in Anglo-Saxon countries – they are training “Mental Health First Aiders”. Mental health first aiders gain basic knowledge about various mental health problems and crises. They can recognise problems, gain access to those affected and can support them in overcoming the particular crises. In cooperation with the non-profit organisation, MHFA Ersthelfer, we train employees to become mental health first aiders in order to give this essential topic not just one, but many faces. These colleagues also help the management learn about the causes of unnecessary stress. Rigid hierarchies, no opportunities for participation, decision making bottlenecks and the associated overload are just a few weak points in an organisation which can lead to much more than just poor financial results.

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Healthy Leadership

Leaders are important drivers of psychological well-being. Both your management style and personality have a decisive influence on the health of your employees. Studies show that 35% of employees consider their manager to be the most important cause of their stress. However, the change of a supervisor due to changes in the organisational structure also triggers stress – 80% of those surveyed reported this. During times of uncertainty or in specific change situations, stress levels increase even more. Recognising these triggers and reacting to them appropriately is not always easy, especially because managers have to manage stress themselves. Nevertheless, the ability to lead in a healthy manner can be learned. We support you in this effort so that your team remains efficient and motivated – even when the workload occasionally increases or there are organisational changes.

We offer “Healthy Leadership” in various formats – please contact us.

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Resilience and Stress Management

Resilience and stress management are the most important skills one can have when dealing with change and crises. How does one develop psychological resilience in the face of external circumstances and how does one deal with stress constructively? We train the people in your company and give them the skills which will make them more relaxed, more satisfied, and more efficient. A resilient organisation has the ability to react faster and more flexibly to external changes. Innovative strength and creativity are given space. A competitive factor which is invaluable in volatile times.

We offer resilience and stress management in various formats – please contact us.

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